Eggs in a Basket

Egg Dishes and Breakfast Entrees

Eggs in a Basket

This is a charmer whenever we serve them.


Servings: 4 or 6

6 Tbl. butter, divided   

1 C. finely chopped onion    

10 eggs, divided

1 20 oz pkg refrigerated hash browns  

½ C. cream cheese

1-1/2 Tbl. chopped fresh tarragon  

1-1/2 Tbl. sliced fresh chives


The Baskets:

Preheat oven to 400.  Spray custard cups with cooking spray.  If you use a 3 inch custard cup, you can get 6 baskets from a pkg of hash browns.  If you use a 4 inch cup, you will get 4.  The recipe can be cut in half to make 2-3 baskets.  I spray the cups, then cut a piece of parchment paper for the bottom and spray it: makes it easier to remove the baked baskets.  Melt 4 Tbl of butter in a pan on medium heat, add the onion and cook till soft.  (I don’t use quite as much onion as the recipe calls for).  Whisk 2 eggs, season with salt and pepper; add the hash browns and mix together.  Stir in the onion/butter mix.  Spoon the mixture into the custard cups, using a spoon to press the mixture to the bottom and sides to form a basket with an indention in the center.  Bake about 40 minutes until the edges start to brown.  It is easier if you put all the cups on a baking sheet to bake.  Cool for 5-7 minutes.  Remove the baskets from the cups and place on a baking sheet covered with parchment or a silpat.

The Eggs:

Whisk together the remaining eggs; add tarragon, chives, salt and pepper and mix together.  Melt the remaining 2 Tbl. Butter in a large pan; pour in the eggs.  Cut cream cheese into small pieces and sprinkle the pieces on top of the eggs.  Cook the eggs slowly, stirring in the cream cheese until it is melted and thoroughly combined.  Do not overcook the eggs.  Spoon the eggs into the baskets; sprinkle with parmesan or other white cheese.  Bake at 350 5-10 minutes until cheese is slightly melted.  Serve immediately.