Members of the California Association of Boutique & Breakfast Inns (CABBI) receive special savings for a variety of hospitality industry products and services. Membership in CABBI also includes automatic membership in the California Hotel & Lodging Association (CHLA). Click here for CHLA member benefits.

CABBI membership is open to any property located within the State of California that qualifies as a bed & breakfast or boutique inn, as defined by the CABBI Membership Standards and Criteria.

CABBI property members receive exclusive CABBI Membership Benefits including special savings for a variety of hospitality industry products and services. All CABBI property members also receive CHLA benefits.

Annual Dues:
1-5 Rooms – $595
6-10 Rooms – $695
11-15 Rooms – $750
16-35 Rooms – $795
36-50 Rooms – $850
51+ Rooms – $595 + $14/room

New Member Fees: $100 One-time certification/inspection fee

Inn Membership Application

Vendor membership is open to industry vendors who provide high-quality products and services to the lodging industry, specifically those products and services available for smaller independent properties, inns and boutique hotels. All CABBI vendor members automatically receive all CHLA vendor member benefits, including a link on the CHLA Buyer’s Guide webpage and in the CHLA Lodging New Magazine, sent to members bi-monthly. Please click here for a complete summary of CABBI/CHLA vendor member benefits.

Annual Dues: $1000

Join as a Vendor Member

Aspiring innkeeper membership is open to individuals considering or having an interest in the profession of innkeeping, who are not eligible for regular membership either because they do not yet have a property or their property has not yet opened.

Annual Dues: $150

Aspiring Innkeeper Application

Aspiring Innkeeper Workshop